Focus Areas

Our thematic focus are diversified,
Encompassing ten different concerns

In reality however, thematic areas together represent the key to understanding the interventions and engagements of ICWECD as a non-governmental organization. The four themes are Right and Empowerment of women, Child Development, support for vulnerable members of the society constitutes  the  bedrock of   our  focus and the lens by which we interrogate, comprehend and address all our (themes) subject matters. As a thread they run through the ten thematic areas of our focus.


Women Empowerment

It is the centerpiece of our work as a non-governmental organization. The core issues of our concern

Youth Empowermnet

The main driving force of our youth empowerment programme is to reduce restiveness, pervasive unemployment and endemic poverty among persons in our society. our skill Acquisition Center which came into existence in 2008 was established to address these challenges. 

Child Development

As a pivot theme of our activities, ICWECD is engaged in all aspects of Child Development notably the promotion of the rights of children; Survival, Development, Protection and Participation.  The girl child education and overall wellbeing.


Driving from the understanding is a vital key to development and indispensable instrument of women and children, ICWECD accords great importance to educational development.


The importance of good health can not be over-emphasised considering its critical role in the survival and wellbeing of human beings. Health is therefore one of our high priority themes at ICWECD

Legal  Aid

Under the legal aid scheme ICWECD provides free legal aid and advice to indigent persons. The scheme works to promote rights for equal and nondiscriminatory accesses to court of law by the marginalized people, those in prisons, secure equal and impartial justice for them and support legal struggles  for human dignity.

Environment and Climate change 

The importance of environment for our survival and wellbeing has never been more pronounced and so is the need to preserve and protect it in face of increasing threats from deforestation, desertification, population explosion, pollution, urbanization, gas flaring, oil spillage, climate change etc. 

Good Governance

At ICWECD we recognizes  Good Governance is not just desirable for itself- a vital tool for promoting economic development, social  justice, peace and security of our society , but contributes also significantly  towards achieving our other vital goals as a  non- governmental organization namely

Family Building

Convinced that united peaceful, crisis free and stable families which are capable of caring for its members are necessary for development, stability, peace and security of a society, ICWECD places high premium on family building.