In partnership with United States Agency for International Development   (USAID), (SACE PROJECT), Social Action and Partnership Initiatives for Niger Delta Development(PIND), ICWECD commenced the campaign for open and participatory budgeting process in Delta  State.

In doing this, we carried out advocacy campaigns to the state government and relevant Ministries Departments and Agencies(MDAs) of the state government as well as undertook sensitization campaigns for community leaders, youths, women groups and the press. The campaigns have since begun to yield positive results.  In 2016, Delta State posted its budget online.

At Budget stakeholders summit convened in 2017, the state government initiated the process of involving the civil organization and community leaders in the making and implementation of the budget. In 2018, for example, CSOs were represented in budget defence meetings organized by the state ministry of  Economic Planning  As a result of these developments, Delta State is now considered to be one of the leading states in Nigeria in terms of Open and participatory budgeting process.

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